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Cara Wong

Political Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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You can see one measure of the impact of my work on Impact Story or my Google Scholar profile.

Current Projects

Follow the link above to see working papers. Here you can see a few projects that are currently underway. Right now I am focusing on learning about "context effects" or "neighborhood effects" by asking thousands of survey respondents in Canada, the UK, and the USA to hand-draw their "local communities" on Google maps. I am also working on a project aiming to understand public opinion about the granting of citizenship in exchange for service (like military service) in the USA.

Specific Papers

Maps in People’s Heads: Assessing A New Measure of Context (with Jake Bowers, Daniel Rubenson, Mark Fredrickson, Ashlea Rundlett)

Context Effects as the Effects of Politics: Does exposure to UKIP campaigning change how Britons perceive their local environment? (with Jane Green, Ed Fieldhouse, and Jake Bowers)

Citizenship, Service, and Sacrifice: Why does the public support citizenship for military service but not for firefighters?

Do You See What I See? Ethnic Diversity, Pseudoenvironments, and Social Capital (with Jake Bowers, Daniel Rubenson, Mark Fredrickson, Ashlea Rundlett)